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An Empowered
Thought Changes Outcomes 

Online Coaching with

Jo Ellen Newman

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Meet Jo Ellen

Certified Life & Business Coach

I help people look at their challenges from a different perspective. Those who are tired of experiencing repeated challenges, trying to resolve the issue and not succeeding. I work with your intuition and your intellect - your right (creative) brain AND your left (logical) brain.  Yep, metaphysical approaches and all.

My clients get results because they change their perspective (you know, like Capt. Kirk's Kobayashi Maru). What appears to be a no win situation can have a different outcome.

I started the Transforming Your Tomorrows coaching company ( for smart people who are experiencing chronic roadblocks to living their dream life or thriving in their business.  After completing a successful career as a former Registered Nurse to corporate healthcare executive I was compelled to continue to help people recognize their power and effect sustainable change using my signature tools.

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What I Specialize In

1:1 Life Coaching 

Entrepreneur's Business Coaching

Oracle or Tarot Readings

Coaching with Cards & Crystals

Courses for Success

Coming Soon

Self Motivation

The Journey Towards Mental Health, a Thriving Business or a Joyful Life Begins on the Path of Self Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Before I worked with Jo Ellen, I was struggling with the best way to structure my package. She helped me get clear on my thoughts & directions to match what I wanted to pursue.  We formulated an action plan using her  logic and metaphysical approaches and gave me mini assignments to help me on track.  I'm in a much better place now, having the tools to navigate my business. I'm on my way towards restructuring my whole platform thanks to Jo Ellen's coaching and expertise. " 

- CF

When I first met Jo Ellen, we discussed what she does.  I knew immediately I wanted her for my Life Coach. We started discussing my issues of sadness, anger and depression and quickly started to work on them.  Was it easy? NO, well worth it?  YES!
She took my heavy“backpack” of burdens that I no longer wanted to carry. Not only did I learn to deal with the issues in this 'backpack" but learned how to fill it up with new tools that I can use everyday.
She also filled that backpack with
my angels, who are always with me. That 'heavy' backpack is now light as a feather. She taught me how to lessen the “mind chatter”, find MY voice again & turn it into a powerful voice that I am so proud of today. She taught me how to set clear boundaries with family, friends
and anything else in life that comes along.
These are only a few treasures of wellness she has. She has transformed my life into a happy place!!!

- MK

Working with Jo Ellen has certainly helped me walk my purpose.  She did a wonderful job guiding me along my path with clearly set intentions.  She is very professional and helped me step-by-step.  I am now doing what I love as a career and working on becoming a business owner.  I have found many new discoveries about myself and I am truly grateful & excited to have her walk with me on this journey!

- MA

Book Now


  • Combining Intellect with Intuition

    45 min
  • Unleashing the power of logic and intuition for transformative growth

    1 hr
    Custom to Needs
  • Combining Intellect with Intuition

    1 hr
    100 US dollars
  • Needing to work on new stuff - The time is now

    1 hr
    90 US dollars
  • Imagine changing your life for good within 6 months

    1 hr

Celebrate Life

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